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"Journeyconcept" is a company specialized in National and International Transports, Integrated Logistics, Transportation and Art handling as well as advice to satisfy customer transportation, storage of belongings and goods in general.

We have a modern fleet of vehicles,specialized ifts, high-quality packing materials for packing all items and more sensitive belongings as well as highly qualified packing and office staff. Naturally that loading and unloading, as well as unpacking are incorporated in our standard services. In addition to those, we are able to offer services such as lamp installation, etc...

As a company facing the future, "Journeyconcept"has a storage warehouse service with a variety of storage systems, such as metal containers for the storage of yourbelongings, with greater security while preserving your goods against dust, moisture or other environmental factors.

For high value items, such as art pieces, we have individual vaults with sophisticated HVAC system and video surveillance as well as security teams surveillance.

If you have pets, even as large as "Horses", "Journeyconcept" organizes and carries out the transport anywhere both Nationally or Internationally by performing a Comprehensive counseling on the journey and methods used.